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Two students of the school are Sabir and Ali Raza. Their father is a farmer, and mother is a maid. They want to become a doctor. But they are too young to understand that their parents don’t even afford their primary education with their meager income. There are 40 other children like that in KG1 and Nursery class. The average income of their parents is $50 per month. Average kids their parents have is 5-6. With this kind of income and such big family, they might have never end up in a school had there not been this free schooling facility where uniform, copies, books and even pencils are provided by the school itself.

These kids are very bright and they love their school. They respond energetically to their teachers and have high aspirations. The aspirations that they would never otherwise have, had they not been so innocent. They have yet to grow up to realize that the life is tough and not everyone gets to ever see college or a university, what to say of a career. They are born in a developing country, in an under-developed city; in shabby slums where everyday is a struggle to make the day’s end meal.

Many of these children never get admitted to the schools just because of fear of their parents that they have to spend money to buy them books, or even a pencil. Many of the kids would not afford sleepers to wear. Many would make it to classrooms but you could see them dizy because they didn’t get to have the morning breakfast.

These kids need atleast once a chance in their life to get educated. To have an opportunity to pave way for a career. To help themselves and people around them. A little help might not make much difference in our lives, but it could mean an entire life. We are trying to help them. Please help us to help them!