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Following key steps are required to establish the school:

Starting the school by Jan 2008

  1. The school has to be registered with the education department so that after the primary level the children can be admitted to other higher level schools. The requirements to register a school include having some playground space and library along with classrooms.

  2. Thus we require to rent out a relatively bigger building comprising of 7 rooms atleast.

  3. Books would be bought for the library along with related furnishing.

  4. Secondly we need to hire staff. Seven experienced teachers would be hired to handle six classes and teach different subjects.

  5. On average each student’s kit including the uniform, books, school bag, copies, pencil etc would cost around 1000 Rs. We would have total of 6 classes each having 30 students making a total of 180 students. Thus 180 kits X 1000 Rs = 180,000 per annum.

  6. Cumulative teacher pays are estimated to be around 252,000 Rs per annum.

  7. School building would cost around 180,000 Rs per annum that includes one time security of 50,000 Rs.

  8. Additional expenses of around 400,000 are expected for the year.

Students Support

After the students pass out of the 5th grade, dedicated and bright students will be funded and encouraged to take admission in other schools of good reputation.

The principal acts as guardian of those students ensuring the students being funded are getting proper education and mentoring.

The support continues partially or fully depending upon cases upto higher education i.e. graduation for the bright students until they start up their professional careers.