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We are living in information age. An age where the world has become a global village. As a result, people have to become competitive not only at national level, but also at international level to earn a respectable living. The pre-requisite to become a respectable resident of the global village is education. While it is increasingly becoming difficult to make both ends meet for individuals of third world countries, illiteracy makes it even more difficult.

Pakistan is a country of more than 140 million people. Pakistan has only 46% of overall literacy rate even after lowering the definition of literacy to minimum. Poverty plays a major role in this, where many parents get their children to work because they don’t afford their schooling.

Hyderabad is one of the most populous and yet most under-developed cities of Pakistan. With 1,348,288 people, its literacy rate is even lower than the average literacy rate. Plagued by illiteracy, hate politics and un-employment; people have average income of $30-$50 to run their family. Average family has 5-6 children on average. To feed such a large family on such meager income, people rather have their children work than put them in school. This saves them from what they see as major expense i.e. children’s books, uniform etc.

This project is to expand the informal nursery school up to a formal primary school in a backward area of Latifabad, Hyderabad. The school will bear all the expenses of the children education from books to uniform. This school will be totally free of charge and still provide better educational services to children than normal government schools. This would help prepare these kids to enter higher education with confidence. With teacher-parent partnership, the bright students will then be funded (adopted) up-till they complete their professional education elsewhere and enter their careers.

The project includes renting bigger building for atleast 6 classes, salaries for staff, student kits and other operational costs. A professional team is already working full-time to make this happen. Ms. Rashida Malik, having principal-ship experience at larger formal schools, is dedicated to the cause and has left opportunities to make this dream a reality.